It’s crazy how quickly things can get turned upside down overnight. You’ve been kicking a beehive for so long trying to make something happen to break the monotony. You get bored with kicking so you grab a baseball bat and bust the thing open. You don’t really know what the hell you’re doing but the feeling of doing something perpetuates the motion… all of a sudden things get a little crazy. You’ve got a choice.You can feel sorry for yourself because the bees start stinging you… or you can pull out a couple of cans of Raid and get all Matrix on ’em. Your adrenaline kicks in and if you’re any kind of man, you’re not going to let some little bee cause you to rollover in defeat. You are a giant compared to that little bee. A new part of your brain opens up and finds the relativity. You begin to see this tiny world from the moon. You regain perspective. You take big chances despite what the world thinks of you and your decisions. Pain can be very good if you use it appropriately. You can grab a stick and poke a nice dog for a while, but soon you’re going to piss him off and turn him into a monster that will



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