What happened at the Mobys!?!

Adventure in New York!!!

If you’re not caught up on my recent posts, the trailer that we recently completed for uber talented Maya Sloan’s new novel, High Before Homeroom was nominated at the Moby Awards. We were a top five finalist in the Best Big Budget Book Trailer category. I joined forces with my partners and orchestrated a last-minute trip to NY to attend the award ceremony at NY’s ritzy new hot spot, The Griffin. Upon arrival, Abbie and I were introduced to Maya and immediately fell in love with her and her charming boyfriend from Denmark, Thomas Warming. Another impressive member of the entourage was Tao Norager, a documentary filmmaker who immediately evinced his affable qualities as a spiritual powerhouse. He is certainly someone to look out for in the near future. We had an amazing time with great friends. Even though, our trailer was beat out by a much larger budgeted trailer, it was hardly a loss considering all the connections that were established with other major publishing companies.

The next day, Rob Hill, Greg Sloan, and I met with maya’s publisher at the Simon and Schuster headquarters in the heart of NY and Rob blew the conference room away with his Wilmington charm as a well versed filmmaker. He was given very little to work with in terms of budget and created a true calling card that secured future business with Simon and Schuster.

I’m very blessed to be building such a great future with these talented people.

I’ll refrain from mentioning all the celebratory fun that was had by all after our business obligations were complete. Let’s just say I’m just now posting this blog and I’ve been back since Monday. GOOD TIMES! Back to work.

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