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Joshua Guthrie recently finished a new draft of the Social Norm script and it’s absolutely hilarious! I can’t wait to unveil some of this mental footage  to you guys. One of my new partners, Greg Sloan (TV Developer/Producer) is currently reading the script. Once he’s finished, we will then make our suggestions to Josh, let him polish up another draft, and finally present it to our other partners in Wilmywood, NC for the trailer production.

I’m psyched to be working in a circle of such talented people. I can feel some really great things on the horizon and I’m definitely getting stir crazy. It’s getting more and more difficult for me to get my mind to shut-up at night so I can sleep. I feel like if I’m not constantly brainstorming, I might miss an opportunity… It’s certainly nothing to complain about. I’d much rather have these feelings than those that go along with having nothing going on.

In other news, the High Before Homeroom book trailer was a huge hit with Simon & Schuster. We were cc’d on many e-mail strings within S&S praising the production quality, turn-around time (a third of their normal vendors), and the commercial marketability. The trailer generated such a significant buzz around the new novel that S&S agreed to print a total of 25,000 copies of Maya Sloan’s High Before Homeroom as opposed to the normal 10,000 copies that’s normally given to a newly published novelist. The trailer was sent by S&S to Twentieth Century Fox for other considerations. We will surely be seeing a lot more business from them in the near future which means many more productions in Wilmington. Can’t wait!

Oh yeah and I’m moving to South Beach, FL in a few weeks. Minor details.

Time to count some sheep.

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