Social Norm Screenwriter needs Script Doctor Recommendations

Hi you guys,

I apologize for being all MIA for a week. We were shooting a sick trailer to promote one of Simon and Schuster’s latest published novelists (Maya Sloan). Her new novel High Before Homeroom hits shelves on June 20th. It’s a very well written teen angst story about a confused kid living  in the shadow of his all-star older brother. He’s in love with a bad-girl that only dates bad-asses, develops a strategy to get hooked on meth, get thrown into rehab, and return to school with bad-boy cred to win her over. The novel rocks and is an instant cult classic. Perfect for the artsy indie world. Mark Darby Robinson’s performance was brilliant and lead singer of He Is Legend played the drug dealer and blew everyone away with his natural abilities.

I’ll be posting links to the trailer later this week. I played the role of the older brother.

Check out the author’s blog:

Post comments that I sent you to her blog.

Production stills for High Before Homeroom are below this post.

ANYWAY! I need recommendations for script doctors for Social Norm. The individual needs to specialize in quirky Napolean Dynamite style comedy scripts. Please send referrals directly to my email or comment on this blog.

Your partner in LEGAL crime,


Nathaniel Latimer
Direct: 323.898.9976
Social Norm Movie Blog:


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