Reach millions of investors or your niche market to drive traffic to your film’s websites!

E-marketing has proven to be a great way to increase niche market traffic to a movie site or DVD e-commerce site. It’s also a great way to market to millions of high wealth investors for a cost efficient price.

E-marketing is a science though, you can’t load millions of e-mail addresses on a system that doesn’t support that volume. Below is the correct method:

Loading accurate email addresses is a given–bad data equals bad results.

When sending out massive broadcasts, you should use a multiple IP and server trickle system. A strong trickle system has at least nine servers with 256 revolving IP addresses in each.

If you send the entire broadcast from one IP/server (basically hit send and your broadcast is over in a minute), it will hit the internet service provider’s (ISP) cut-rate (normally between 25,000 – 35,000 emails sent within a 60 minute interval depending on the ISP) and then the SPAM filters will black-list that IP/server as a SPAMMING IP address. This means your campaign is going to start bouncing.

A trickle system prevents this from happening. Once the campaign reaches an ISP’s cut-rate, the system jumps over to the next revolving IP address within the server and begins deploying from there. If the server is overloaded (happens on massive broadcasts) then the trickle system jumps to the server next to it. After the 60 minute interval is up, the system goes back to the original IP and sends a single email asking the ISP if it is accepting emails from that IP again.

If any of my readers need help with your marketing strategies then give me a call or email me and I’ll assist.

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