A Dozen Ways to Create a Film BUZZ!

Expect the worst and hope for the best. If you create your marketing plan around nothing going your way then you’ll have an answer for everything (a back-up plan for your back-up plan). Below are a dozen ways to promote your film, create a buzz, increase sales, attract a distributor, etc.

1.) Hire a Publicist
2.) Post your trailer all over the web
3.) Buy advertising (hit your niche demographic by advertising in related publications or on related websites.
4.) Contact radio stations local to your screenings (give them a reason to give you an on air interview)
5.) Post on message boards and create blogs (I’m a huge Linked-In fan and have established a lot of marketing connections there)
6.) Local newspapers (believe it or not, people still read these)
7.) Get interviewed for a pod cast (itunes, podcastalley, etc)
8.) Create your own pod cast (it’s easy and has shown drastic improvements in e-commerce DVD sales)
9.) Enter film festivals
10.) Email campaigns (I specialize in these with a ridiculous nine server, revolving IP trickle system. Email me and I’ll help you. If done correctly then you can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your DVD purchase site)
11.) Have house parties or local screenings (anything to get the fire started)
12.) Make fliers and posters (make sure they don’t look crappy–you want your widget to sell)

Nathaniel Latimer
Social Norm Movie Blog: http://www.socialnormmovie.wordpress.com


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