Shooting in Wilmywood the 17th and 18th!

You guys may recall my blog about my recent trip to Wilmington, NC where one of my marketing colleagues Greg Sloan (TV developer for Discovery, NatGeo, CMT, etc) introduced me to Emmy Award winning director Rob Hill. Well it looks like it panned out. I’ve been talking with Rob about new ideas for future projects ever since. I got a call from him earlier today and he asked me to come up to Wilmington on the 17th to shoot what looks to be the first of many projects for Simon and Schuster:

Simon and Schuster was established in 1924 and is a very well-known publisher and division of the CBS Corporation.

I will be playing the role of a wounded soldier/addict who returns from Iraq. This particular film is designed to promote one of Simon and Schuster’s latest published novels. I’ll be sure to post the film/sizzle trailer once I’m cleared to do so. I’ve seen Rob’s other work and I’m very excited to have these projects under my belt and on my demo reel. After speaking with Rob, it sounds like it’s going to be a rigorous and ambitious shoot with 11 locations in 2 days. I’m guessing it will be more than 2 days but either way I’m excited.

This will also be a great asset for Cuz Productions because we will be collaborating on many projects together in the future like Social Norm.

Nathaniel Latimer
Social Norm Movie Blog:


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