Social Norm agenda for today:

I’m meeting up with Rob Hill (Emmy award winner for the Fort Fisher Hermit and board member for the Cukaloris Film Festival in Wilmington, NC) tonight at the Westin in Midtown. We will be discussing what he is able to bring to the table for Cuz Productions and Social Norm. I’m sure it will be a very exciting meeting. Rob is someone that I definitely look up to. The first time I met him, I wanted a Matrix machine that would transfer all the information from his brain over to mine. I immediately recognized that this guy knew WAY more about the film industry than I did so I took the inferior role of “Grasshoppa” and soaked up as much info as I could in that weekend. I’m looking forward to having Rob as a resource and business partner.

On the west coast, Josh and the cousins (hence the name, CUZ Productions) are wrapping up a 30 minute infomercial shoot for the As Seen on TV guys. Once finished, Josh will be finalizing the script for Social Norm and then it’s fund raising time!

On a side note, I just saw an old couple walk into Starbuck’s and the old dude grabbed the old lady’s old butt! She noticed I noticed and wanted to smack him. Funny.


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