My tip for today is very simple and quite the cliche’. A.B.C. or “Always Be Closing.”

Having a big mouth has always worked for me. If you’re excited about something, you can’t help but talk about it. That excitement becomes contagious and people will want what you have and what you are experiencing. I’d relate it to a big crush on a love interest. It consumes your world–that person is all you can think about so you can’t help but talk about how great you feel. Bottom line is if you talk to everyone you come into contact with about what you’re excited about, convince them that you’re a part of something exciting, then they’re going to want to be a part of it. The average person knows around 250 people. Within that circle of people, someone knows someone who knows someone. It’s basic networking.

I was sitting at a Mexican restaurant tonight with some friends and one of the newbies at the table took an interest in Social Norm. I gave him my uncontrollable exciting pitch on Social Norm and his wheels organically began turning. He, not unlike many others I’ve come into contact with, through out everyone he knew within his 250 that could help me get this project made. One of the contacts he mentioned happened to be one of his best friends growing up and is now a producer for National Lampoons. The connection was made.

My tip for the day is to have a huge mouth–tell everyone about your project and network the hell out of it.



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