Busy Day for Social Norm

Yesterday was an exciting day for Social Norm. We have some great people jumping on board to help out. Greg Sloan is a very reputable TV developer for Discovery Channel, CMT, and National Geographic. He has many connections within the film and television industry. Greg and I are both Independent Contractors for Media 1 (a marketing firm) and recently returned from a trip to Wilmington, NC. We were visiting a friend of Greg’s, Rob Hill who is an Emmy Award Winning documentary film maker and board member for the Cukaloris Film Festival. We are all working on a few projects together now and both Greg and Rob have agreed to come on board and assist Cuz Productions in producing Social Norm. This was all confirmed yesterday. I was very excited to hear that these guys would be helping out so I called Joshua Guthrie (writer/director of Social Norm as well as my business partner of three years) and told him the good news. Josh is currently the Marketing Director for As Seen on TV’s sister company and utilizing the resources of Cuz Productions to shoot all of their current infomercials and national commercial spots. Josh then hit me with more good news. Last week I had asked Josh to get some sort of letter of intent or pipeline guarantee stating that we will be working on these infomercials and commercials in the future as well. This would allow me to forecast the revenue in our business plan. He informed me that not only is the owner willing to do this but he has also wanted to start a production company for a while and would rather just jump on board and help us build Cuz Productions. It’s amazing how things just start happening when you put in the work. I am now setting up a conference call on Wednesday of next week with Josh (Writer/Director/Partner), Greg (TV Developer), Rob (Emmy Award Winner, Cukaloris Board Member/Production Company Owner), and Tony (Owner of As Seen on TV’s Sister Company/Entrpreneur). We’re building a dream team! I’ll let you guys know how it goes.




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  1. I don’t have any plans to make a ‘movie’ but I’m always interested in what’s up w/ you and your career! Great idea, these blogs.!

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